Friday, 7 July 2017

Branding Designed for Dental Clinic Dehradun

Arrow Pole, Kiosks, Glass Sticker, Sign Board, Backlit Board, etc..

First of all Thanks to Dr. Julka to believing in me. A good person, passionate about their work and ethics. After meeting with Julka Sir I came to know that Doctor should not advertise himself/herself it is written in the their work ethics. I was impressed Julka Sir is very good person. Now talk about the work, what I did for him.

I designed few of items that will increase the patience's footfall at their clinic. As we all now that Sahastradhara Road is future's most developing area of Dehradun City. So, he told me to put some sign poles, banners or stands at the road and surrounding areas. Few things I designed and shown to him and it was approved at the first site. Here are the images given below.

Grass Creative - One Way Design

Main Sign Board Backlit Design

Special Standee Sign - Vinyl on Acrylic Sheet

Standing Board on Main Road

Special Pole Kiosks

Arrow Signs for Road

If you are a doctor and want to advertise or market your clinic then you must have a good Sign-Board for your Office, that should be Backlit Media or LED Sign. You must have few sign poles or kiosk poles in nearby 1Km. to 3Km. Area depends on your needs. So, if you looking for any service related to design and manufacture these items, kindly contact me at +91 99997833350 or mail me your query to I will make one for you.

Thanks for your time.
Sumit Pundeer
Dehradun - INDIA
+91 9997833350